rebecca ward. love.

love, love, loving these freaking perfect installations by rebecca ward.
feeling it. [via pixiome]



couldn't resist a quick re-post of these tulip fields in the netherlands.
because i want to look at them all day.
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tuesday night

trying to get a handle on prizmatic photos. finally.
i gotta get this stuff on the website already! jeeeeez...


so. freaking. good.

anxiously awaiting the arrival of a freaking amazingly awesome necklace from spinthread . her work is blowing my mind right now. can you even deal?
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around the homestead...

yesterday was the first day in ages that i've had to actually get some things done around the house/yard. i'm super lucky that i have my own place, and i adore my little house a little more than is maybe healthy. it's a work in progress over here, and the work definitely comes in fits and starts. but for me, that's one of the best parts about owning a house: there's always another little (or big) project around the corner, and it feels so good to put work and love into your space. my to do list has been growing for awhile now, so it felt realllllly good to tidy things up and feel a little more prepared for fall/winter.

the day started out well with serena vanderhensen laying her first teeny tiny egg early in the morning. which led to tidying up the henhouse, fixing the stuck egg door, and then deciding that i needed to paint the patched and primered spots on the back of the house. (it only took a year!) fixed that gate, put shiny new numbers on the house, and roasted three varieties of pumpkin seeds. the highlight of the day though, was getting and stacking my first half cord of firewood. i've spent two years getting wood from the grocery store for the occasional fire, and have always meant to get the stuff in bulk. way more cost effective, and so much more gratifying to have a stockpile in the backyard. so i stacked and stacked, and managed to make a new outdoor set up in the process. feels cozier back there now, looks cute, and smells so good.
this first morning of november is cool and misty, and i'm sitting in front of my first fire of the season as i write this. if i have my way, i'll get to spend the better part of the day right here. mornings like this make the gloomy stretch of northwest winter oh so worth it.
next up: adventures in chopping wood! stay tuned.