late night, almost gone....

it's late. getting ready to head north this weekend. taking a mini vacation to the wilds (semi-wilds?) of canada to stay here for a couple of nights. we have a long drive ahead tomorrow, but i hear it's worth it. i'll be off the grid for a couple of days for the first time in a long time. looking forward to laying about, catching up on some knitting, doing a puzzle, watching movies, exploring the forest, and just generally taking time to breathe. all in the name of coming home refreshed and ready to tackle getting the new line up, and general holiday madness. how is this year almost over?! does time really go by faster as we get older? sure seems like it...

looking forward to slowing down for a minute.


friday goodness

just happened across the super awesome portfolio of one mister mark weaver. lots of good things here. via notcot.


this sunday!

just under a week to go! here's a little more info on the event itself:

CONTENT will occupy the entire 2nd floor of The Ace, allowing designers to take over each hotel room and transform it to their liking to convey the unique identity and vision of their individual brands. The event “is designed, in its curation of talent and selection of venue, to harness and highlight the individuality stemming from the independent fashion community”. Although How We Develop will collectively occupy one of these rooms, creating the environmental translation of their brand identities and visions together, this event will by no means be all about them. Designers of all types will be involved, from clothing to accessories, 38 in total, will be given a chance for exposure, under the Context of their choosing. Brand offering range from frilly dresses to carved wooden sunglasses to feathered hats, so the experience of drifting through the 28 rooms will truly be a unique and hyper-sensory one.

In addition to the fashion element, HWD has invited multiple fine artists to realize installations in the Cleaners reception space adjacent to the hotel, and has booked a diverse bill of musicians and DJs to play in the Cleaners and hotel lobby and mezzanine. There will be cash bars and refreshment tables scattered throughout the space as well, so those of age can enjoy a glass of wine as the stroll around and soak in the creative energy (although the event is all ages over all) It has all of the ingredients of an inspiring creative whirlwind of an evening..."

you can also watch a little video right here

hope to see you there!


good day.

that's sivonna.
isn't she cute? she was super sweet and drove out to the country with me on monday so we could take some pictures of her wearing new jewelry in the middle of a grassy field. we braved the hunting warning signs, tromped through the grass, and were serenaded by bjillions of geese overhead. all in all, a lovely day for some pictures. thanks sivonna!