maker monday? and a tiny preview...

i know, i know, i've totally fallen off the tracks with maker monday posts. the holiday have overwhelmed me and i'm off my game. i super completely absolutely promise (myself) to get back on it as soon as life has calmed down a bit. it really is something i enjoy doing, and a good exercise/ritual for me. just gonna put it on hold for the rest of the year, unless i get inspired before then.
aaaaanyways! the good news about all this busy is that deadlines are insanely motivating for me, and in the midst of dealing with holiday orders and prepping for a couple of shows i'm doing next month, i seem to have somehow cobbled together the beginnings of a new collection. above is a tiny preview of new earrings. i think i posted the black/brass triangles before, but i super love them and this is a better picture so i had to include them again. i'll have a small selection of this work up at urban craft uprising in seattle next weekend, and again at an event i'm doing here in portland on december 17th. (save the date on that one! it's gonna be good!) i'm pretty happy with where this work is going, and excited to make more. as always, yays, nays, critiques gladly accepted.



dudes. the holiday madness is killing me already. it's late late saturday night, and i've only managed to cross one thing off the to do list this evening. but i'm beat. and calling it a night. luckily, i managed to sneak away to the coast for a fantastical 24 hours in lincoln city with my dear friend dana and a cadre of other fine friends. drinks were had, games were played, and the above is how i spent my morning. came home this evening to hop right back to the grind, but feeling lucky and loved and refreshed from my mini retreat. bed now. back to it tomorrow in between two birthday parties and hopefully getting to pop over to my pal azsa's art show and book release. ah, i may be tired, but busy times are good times!



super excited about the most recent addition to our ring selection: clear quartz with gold! finally got it together to make up a little batch of these rings and send em in to get gold-ified, and i couldn't be more pleased with the result. we've got a limited number available on the site, just in time to warm up all of your winter outfits. check em out right here.


in my dreams, i get to cozy up for the winter here. who's with me?
old chum always finds the best pictures.


i wanna be a quilter: part 3. i am obviously insane.

so with quilt number one under my belt, i decided it was high time to dive right in to the deep end and get to going on a grown up lady quilt for myself. i could have started simple. a random patchwork or something from a nice pattern maybe. but, um, have you met me? (ok, maybe you actually haven't met me, but if you had, you would know that this is decidedly not my style.) aaaaanyways, a few months back, the lovely erin at design for mankind posted this print by bauhaus textile maven anni albers:

and i immediately fell in love. if you aren't familiar with anni albers' work, pop on over here and prepare to be thrilled. absolutely everything she made is magic. anyways! saw print, gasped with adoration, and thought: QUILT!
i mean, could it be more perfect? who knows, maybe that was anni's original intention. maybe there's a quilt of this exact design already floating around out there somewhere... in any case, i figured i'd try my hand at one too. imitation, flattery and all that. so here's my humble take on it:

that's a lot of triangles.
the original wasn't quite large enough to make a queen sized quilt with a grid of three inch squares, so i had to extend the design a a bit, which was actually far more difficult than i had anticipated. i've obviously switched up the colors and am throwing in a few yellow triangles for accents. i've got two blocks done so far, and many, many, more to go. this one is gonna keep me busy for a good long time. i can't wait to see how it shapes up, and i'll share more as it comes along.