fall bounty

my little garden is soldiering along into fall.
zucchini fritters and tomato salad forever!


maker monday (late edition): carmen herrera

a little more geometry for your monday night.
taking a detour from the usual jewelry posts for a look at this radical lady painter.
ms. herrera sold her first work at the fresh young age of 89.
commenting on her work: "... to me sex is sex, and triangles are triangles.” smart lady.
more here.

and these...

also spotted over at galore:
bespoke furniture by toby winteringham for patternity.
when do i win the lottery?


via galore.


happy fall.

the swifts are here! which means that fall in portland has officially begun, i am another year older, and it's almost time to stock up on this year's firewood. until then, i will be wholeheartedly enjoying all that fall has to offer.
oh, and don't forget to look for the harvest moon tonight!


maker monday: christine j. brandt


i want them all.
more goodness here.


maker monday: pia aleborg

dear pia,
will you marry me? or at least go steady? hold hands? i think you're dreamy...

more of this lady's brilliance here.


some experiments

sooooo, been trying out some new things at the studio in the past month or so. feel like a spring collection is very slowly being formulated in my little head. usually, when i put together a collection, i feel the need to make things really super connected/adherent to single theme/idea. i've decided to forget that formula this time around. just sort of making whatever pops into my head, let my materials be my guide, make a lot of it, and see how it all flows together at the end. here is just a sampling of some new ideas. would love to hear your thoughts/opinions/yays/nays.

a few things:

more to come soon!

dream studio

been thinking more and more about changing up my work space.  it's feeling clunky and cavernous and less than inspiring. if only i could snap my fingers and have this dreamy dream studio.  or maybe i just need to move to sweden? that elizabeth is one lucky lady.