maker monday: marzia rossi

yes. please. 
that second piece kills me. so good. 
more marzia rossi here.


oh. my. god.

so. good. can't breath.
just won the lottery? then this little gem can be all yours.


this is my new mantra these days, and ashley g has summed it up nicely with this print.
ashley is good at drawing and painting and printing things. this print of hers was one of the first pieces i bought for my house when i moved in almost exactly three years ago, and i love it to this day. i've also been enjoying seeing her house come together on her lovely blog, here. thanks for the reminder, ashley!

i wanna be a quilter

thinking about fall projects, and have decided that it's finally time to take the plunge and start making a quilt. something i've always wanted to try, but have never quite had the wherewithal to tackle.
the world of quilt making is infinitely fascinating to me. and i am constantly blown away by the amount of skill, artistry, and love that goes into producing a quilt, no matter how seemingly simple.
my pal michelle reminded me about the quilts of gees bend the other day and i am now obsessed. stunning. amazing. truly breathtaking work. these are only a handful of my favorites. they are all so fucking incredible.
more gees bend here.

more on my personal quilt project to come...


maker monday: djurdjica kesic

djurdjica kesic's nomad series. reclaimed wood and other household items.
more here.


in other news...

... i had a really rough weekend.

maker mondays: annelies planteijdt

i'm usually not too big on pearls, but annelies planteijdt makes some serious magic with them.
so enamored with the organic vs. geometric, and sculptural yet completely wearable nature of her pieces.
at galerie marzee.
more on ms. planteijdt here.


so dreamy

c-prints mounted on aluminum by darren almond.
via i'm revolting

bench shot

from the phoney


jewelry mondays: david neale

as a jeweler/maker, the issue of how i relate to other people's work can get a little tricky.
i'm realizing that over the past few years, i've worked pretty much in isolation in my little studio. never really
seeking out the work of other jewelers to enlighten/inspire, but rather, almost avoiding intentionally studying other people's work for fear of ... what? being too influenced by it? feeling like my work won't measure up? feeling disheartened when i thought i had a great new idea for something, only to find that someone else has already done it better? sheer laziness?
what the hell was i thinking???
i've finally realized that a fool i've been, and in the past few weeks, have been voraciously devouring images of jewelry that i find exciting/inspiring/interesting/just plain amazing. and duh, it's led to me feeling more and more excited about my own work, and where i want to take it. it has made me want to learn more, take some new classes, and aspire to be a better maker in general.
so, in the interest of keeping this inspiration going i'm going to try and post regularly here with jewelry on mondays. the intention is to start my week off right, by taking a minute on monday mornings to share the work of some amazing jewelers that i've come across. fingers crossed that i can keep it up!
first up, david neale.

there are no words for how much i love everything this man makes.
more of his amazing work here.


almost time

it's so close to blackberry time here. the neighbor's bushes have fully completed their foray into my yard. more berries for me! (i'm sure the chickens will get their fair share too.)

i am the worst blogger ever. have been doing lots of looking/thinking/making. will start to share it all here soon.