Hello from Kauai!!! If you haven't gathered from my mad twitter posting and instagram-ing about it, I'm on vacation!!!!! Spending the week in Kauai with my very best friend, her amazing partner, and their ridiculously gorgeous and adorable baby girl, the tiny T. We arrived Saturday afternoon to a very tropical downpour, but were rewarded with a fantastically gorgeous day on Sunday. Staying in a rental house across the street from 'Baby Beach' (no, really, that's what it's called) in Poipu, and loving every single second of being here. Highlights so far include waking up bright and early (As in, 6 a.m. bright! Not my usual schedule, but traveling with parents of a young toddler means early to bed and early to rise. Somehow, it's working for me.), morning runs along the shore, sea turtle sightings at the beach, and reading the "Mr. Brown Can Moo!' to that baby over and over again.

Spending a couple hours this morning taking care of a little work from my 'office' on the wrap around porch. Work is so much more pleasant with a view of palmtrees and the sounds of the ocean as a backdrop. I'll be checking and answering emails periodically this week, but take note that if you place an order this week, it won't ship until after the 13th, when I return.

And with that my dears, I'm off for a swim...

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  1. Hi there,

    Excited to see that you will be selling at Renegade next week. I blogged a short piece and included one of your images. I hope that is okay with you...but if it isn't I'll be happy to remove it.


    Thanks! Looking forward to seeing your work next week!