some experiments

sooooo, been trying out some new things at the studio in the past month or so. feel like a spring collection is very slowly being formulated in my little head. usually, when i put together a collection, i feel the need to make things really super connected/adherent to single theme/idea. i've decided to forget that formula this time around. just sort of making whatever pops into my head, let my materials be my guide, make a lot of it, and see how it all flows together at the end. here is just a sampling of some new ideas. would love to hear your thoughts/opinions/yays/nays.

a few things:

more to come soon!


  1. LOVE LOVE love love the metal triangles with crystals combo. I have been working on some similar things :)

  2. ditto on the metal triangles+crystals, so sleek. First necklace is intriguing. I'd like to see it in more subtle colors/pastels.

  3. Um, yes please. Unique and lovely!