a good show and a huge thank you!

the only two pictures i took at ucu this weekend. meant to take more, but i was just too busy!

monday night and i'm giving myself a tiny break to recover from an amazing weekend in seattle. this was my fist time participating in urban craft uprising, and i'm still reeling from how freaking awesome it was. over the past eight years, i haven't done many shows (retail or wholesale) for varying reasons. and when i have tried to take my work out to shows, it's been less than encouraging. ok, fine: every single show i've ever done before this has pretty much totally sucked. there, i said it. i know that as a business person, i'm always supposed to keep my chin up and put a good face forward when asked how things are going. and i'm generally pretty good at doing just that. but here's a true confession for you: bad shows are haaaaaaard to deal with. like, really hard. maybe i'm extra sensitive, but i feel like when i put my work on display, i'm really putting a little bit of my self out there to be judged, and that makes me pretty vulnerable. and no matter how confident or upbeat we designers may appear, some of us are tender creatures. we just want you to like us. and there are few things more disappointing or discouraging than working your ass off to prepare for a show, and then feeling like your work has been poorly received. it can actually be a little soul crushing.

so on the flip side of that, a successful show/sale is nothing less than exhilarating. it is totally, truly radical. and this weekend was an absolute dreamy dream in that regard. all of my hard work and anticipation was so worth it, both financially and emotionally. i had a genuinely wonderful time at urban craft, and it was a true pleasure to meet each and every person who stopped by my little table. i spend a lot of time on my own in my studio, so getting to spend two full days getting to talk to (and sell to!) customers in person was such a valuable experience for me. it is so validating and encouraging to be able to see people excited about what i do. i feel revived, invigorated, and oh so excited for things to come.

and so, my dears, a huge thank you to all of my sweet customers and supporters. every single one of your orders, kind words and comments mean so much to me. you are what makes my job and the life that i have chosen not only possible, but also gratifying, challenging and amazing every day. thank you, thank you, thank you! i can't tell you how much i appreciate it.

xo, t


  1. teresa your work rules!! so glad you had a great show! (and great display by the way) i've too experienced bad shows. for me it's been about finding the right show (+ specifically the right city/s). agreed. it's totally invigorating to meet your clients. studio work can be so lonely at times...

  2. Great photos! Your booth was fantastic looking, lady.

  3. Girl, it was awesome getting to meet you. As I told you, you are seriously my favorite jewelry designer. And in all honesty, your table was the best lookin' too. :)
    I'm posting a blog about you tonight too.
    <3 Moorea

  4. I love this post - I can totally identify with what you're saying and how you feel. I feel like I'm the worst at shows and am still surprised when people buy things. Like, really? Are you sure? Your hard earned money??
    But that being said, I can tell you straight out that your work is awesome and you should not be shy about! :)
    Hope your holidays have been wonderful!