i wanna be a quilter: part 2

after many a long night of cutting, sewing, pressing, squaring, and more than a few um, 'stern talks' with my sewing machine, quilt number one is all done and ready to head to oakland! i decided that before i jump in to the big huge dreamy dream quilt for me, i should do a practice run on a baby quilt for my favorite tiny friend (who also happens to be my namesake!). i did a zig-zag pattern with half square triangles, and machine quilted it to follow the lines of the overall pattern of the quilt. i hadn't really planned on making something this girlllllllly, but i think that all in all, it came out quite well for a first quilt, and is super appropriately baby-ish.

and with that, i am officially hooked. i think this is the part where i start clearing out my closets to make room for piles and piles of fabric, and dream of the day that i can fit a long arm quilter in my garage. next up, the big quilt: queen sized triangle madness based on a print by bauhaus textile maven, annie albers. should keep me busy for a good few months through the winter. i'll try and post updates as that one comes along.


  1. i absolutely love it. i'm sure she will too!

  2. Oh honey! It's gorgeous and you're in trouble. Start clearing those closets now!

  3. teresa- LOVE the finished product! such an impressive first quilt! (but, not that surprising considering it's YOU!) and you ARE a quilter, you don't just "wanna be one". your talents never fail to inspire and amaze me. baby t is so lucky and is going to snuggle in this for many many years i foresee!