mildly obsessed with fall...

some days, you just have to play hooky and head to the pumpkin patch. tuesday afternoon was amazingly gorgeous, and the perfect opportunity to take my inaugural trip to the pumpkin patch out on sauvie island. there was a hay ride and everything! found the perfect pumpkin for carving, plus a couple wee ones for baking. also managed to pick up a few squash, an entire bucket of flowers (for $6! dana had a coupon!), and some local honey. i seem to be having a problem with amassing local, seasonal produce these days. i can't get enough of it! suppose there are worse things i could be into... which brings me to last night's dinner: this butternut squash + caramelized onion galette with a simple salad of spinach, arugula and herbs and balsamic vinaigrette. divine. i heart fall foods.

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